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Andy Ibrahim, PT, Dip SRMT, AGI

Launched in August 2010, Andy at Ai total fitness has been successfully helping numerous people achieve their goals. From talented youngsters wanting to excel at their chosen sports to pensioners wanting to improve their overall health and well being, not to mention of course, those that just want to lose weight and tone up. Everyone is welcome to train with Andy, and always enjoy the benefits of doing so.

Andy has always had a keen interest in keeping fit and has enjoyed being involved in almost every sport there is. This lead him to get the relevant certification to enable him to pass on his knowledge and enthusiasm to those wanting to improve their lives. Using a holistic approach, Andy will very quickly and easily design a tailor made program to get you the best results in the shortest time.

All fitness programs are designed to be as natural as possible. This means your diet will change but will not be an extreme deviation and no fads or expensive supplements will be used, thus keeping your costs down and making your goals more sustainable and achievable.

Providing excellent customer service is one of Andy’s main focuses along with delivering enjoyable yet productive programs and ensuring the safety and comfort of clients while doing so.

With an ever expanding knowledge base, Andy uses this to great effect and helps clients reach their goals in the quickest time possible.

Andy himself, has always led an active lifestyle and has always had a keen interest in Diet, Nutrition and well being. This led him to take an interest in Chinese Medicine, Alternative Therapies, Feng Shui, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Diet & Nutrition. There is no doubt these interests contribute to Andy’s natural approach to physical, mental and emotional improvement, through personal training.

Having the knowledge isn’t enough to train people legally and professionally, so Andy became fully qualified with Lifetime Health and Fitness LTD and became a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals UK, and the National Register of Personal Trainers UK.

He achieved excellent results from his training with Lifetime Health & Fitness and scored an impressive 100% pass mark in his Diet & Nutrition Exam.

Andy started out in Athletics from an early age, competing at district level and achieving excellent times in multiple distances. He still runs regularly and can be seen road running occasionally.

Andy has always had an interest in Martial Arts, and has trained in Karate, Boxing, Wing Chun Kung Fu and most recently Yang style Taiji quan, or Tai Chi as it’s better known to us. Having achieved a good level of understanding and mastery of Wing Chun Kung Fu the transition to Tai Chi seemed natural.

Having lived in Colchester for many years, Andy is well known and well liked in the area. His friendly, helpful, outgoing personality has earned many friendships and continues to inspire and motivate his 2 sons and most other people that encounter him.

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Andy’s qualifications to date:

☻ Fitness Instructor REPs Level 2

☻ Exercise & Fitness Knowledge REPs Level 2

☻ Anatomy & Physiology REPs Level 2

☻ Advanced Gym Programming REPs Level 3

☻ Nutrition & Weight management REPs Level 3

☻ Anatomy & Physiology REPs Level 3

☻ Advanced Gym Instructor REPs Level 3

☻ Personal Training REPs Level 3

☻ Exercise & Fitness Knowledge REPs Level 3

☻ Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy ITEC level 3

☻ First Aid Certificate 2016

Andy Says:

My aim is to help as many people as possible to achieve their goals and enjoy the many benefits of being fit and healthy. If you are serious about making a change for the better, let me help you on your way. Get in touch and we can arrange your free consultation and plan a course of action to get you the results you want “.

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