Self Defence Training

Self Defence Training

Having had experience with boxing, karate and over the last 15 years, Wing Chun Kung Fu.

I have gained some valuable knowledge in how to defend yourself for almost every situation that may arise. Some techniques can take a while to master but with practice and dedication you will surprise yourself as to how quickly and effortlessly you can react to a threat.

The UK class is held at 10 am every Sunday and the cost is £8 per person, it is held at the

Oyster room,
Hythe Community Centre,
1 Ventura drive,
Colchester CO1 2FG

Please arrive early to speak with the instructors there: Mark or Rob,

The Egyptian classes are held at 3 locations currently:

Monday 5 – 6 pm Valley Kings Gym, Al Ahyaa, Hurghada

Thursday 7 – 8 pm Svetix Ladies Fitness Centre, Metro street, Hurghada

Friday 4 – 5 pm Hurghada Champions gym, Aldau Village Mall, El kawser, Hurghada

First class is 100 egp, then 150 egp afterwards

Please feel free to contact me with any questions here

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