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Quick and Easy 2 ingredient Power balls

A picture showing date and nut snack

So simple, so tasty and super nutritious, these power balls ( I had to give them a name of some sort) are perfect for snacking

Simply grab 100g of pitted dates and 100g of any nuts of your choice, preferably raw and unsalted, whizz them in a food processor or bullet if you have one and shape into balls store in the fridge in a air tight container and snack at your convenience.

These will keep for ages which is another bit of a bonus, and believe me, you won’t be keeping them for long! They are that good!

  • Medjool or similar large and juicy dates, pitted 100g
  • Mixed nuts, raw, unsalted 100g
  • Blend nuts finely in a food processor
  • Add Dates ensuring they are moist and not too dry, blend together to form a fairly solid dough
  • Add a little warm water if mixture is too dry
  • Shape into balls or whatever shape you want
  • Store in an air tight container in a cool dry place

These are truly so easy to make and the taste is nuts, literally!

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