Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

A consultation is needed to so that we can establish your basic needs and goals. During the consultation we will assess:

  • your current level of health and fitness
  • previous activity levels
  • types of activity
  • medical history
  • take some basic non-intrusive measurements: weight, body fat, and muscle mass.

The measurements are all taken using special scales, so no need to strip and feel uncomfortable. I may also take a blood pressure reading if you haven’t had one done recently to assess the condition of your heart.

The initial consultation will usually only take around half an hour to and hour depending on how much you like to talk and how well we get on!

I will usually hold regular follow up consultations to assess your progress, usually this will involve just taking the measurements as mentioned earlier.

The initial consultation, and all follow up consultations are completely FREE!

So what have you got to lose? Apart from a few pounds I’m guessing … To book your consultation either fill out the form below or you can email or call me here

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