Mrs Cotton of Colchester says:

“I approached Andy to help me prepare for the London Marathon, as I was lacking confidence to run out of my comfort zone. I found Andy very supportive, he helped me with my diet, that would sustain me during my longer runs, motivated me, to keep me going further, and most importantly my state of mind, to boost my confidence. If I told Andy I couldn’t do something Andy would tell me I could. Before you knew it I was comfortably running longer.

“Working with Andy, I have achieved all of my personal goals, I look and feel great, Andy has really helped me boost confidence not just within myself but to believe anything is possible.” I am now training for another marathon, I will now apply all the tools Andy has given me. Thanks Andy”.

Mr Finch of Brightlingsea says:

“Andy is not only my fitness instructor, but also a caring friend. I would advise anybody to take advantage of Andys’ Training and Diet plans as I feel he is the man to help you reach your target”

Mrs Speller of Tiptree says:

“Andy started training our son of 14years old in October 2011 because he was slightly overweight and lacking in motivation to eat healthy and exercise. After 5 months of healthy eating guidance and regular training with Andy our son is eating much healthier and motivated to exercise on a regular basis. Andy’s continuous encouragement has meant our son is healthier and happier, and we would not hesitate to recommend Andy to anyone needing his help in the future”.

Miss Kerr of Colchester says:

“I have tried numerous diets over the past few years, but all without success. I would lose weight but would then gain it again just as quickly. I came to the conclusion that this wasn’t something I could do alone and that’s when I turned to Andy for help!

I have always been a little dubious about using a personal trainer. I had an image of a strict and disciplined exercise regime that I might struggle with and found the whole idea rather initmidating. However I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Andy has been fantastic, as well as putting together an exercise plan for me that I can cope with, he has also provided me with a really good diet plan and spent a great deal of time explaining the necessary nutritional requirements with me. Above all, the encouragement and support he has given me has been brilliant, he is there for me whenever I need him, whether it be for diet advice or just a little moral support.”

“The weight is now coming off at a sensible rate, and staying off! I feel fitter, healthier, and more energetic than ever… I feel fabulous!”

“I could not have acheived any of this without Andys’ help and I would recommend him to anyone wanting change their life for the better”.

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