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10 tips to supercharge your training and make you feel amazing

10 top tips that will give you amazing results in next to no time

1/ Do your training at your most energetic time of day, usually this will be the morning. I find it’s the best way to start the day and gives you a real buzz that lasts most of the day!

2/ Change up your routine regularly, you will be surprised how different you will feel, and you won’t get bored of doing the same old routine

3/ Train with a friend, you can give each other support and motivation and have some fun at the same time

4/ Do the right kind of training for your goals: if you want to lose weight, do some cardio and weight training, eating habits also play a huge part of weight loss and all training regimes, you can’t compete with what you eat, if the fuel isn’t right the car won’t run properly, this leads us nicely on to number 5

5/ Use a calorie calculator or app to work out your basic calorific needs for the day, and track what you eat and drink, this is a great way of making you aware of just how much you may need to change your eating habits, you might think you eat healthily but you may be surprised, there is a calorie calculator on this page you can try for free!

6/ set aside a specific time each day to do your training, make sure you have no interruptions and give yourself plenty of time to warm up, exercise and warm down with some stretching afterwards, stretching isn’t crucial but it’s a great way to cool down after a good session, it helps clear any lactic acid you may have built up and also improves your flexibility and range of motion.

7/ Always do weight bearing exercises with control, the slower the better, in doing the exercise slower you are placing the muscles under tension for longer thereby increasing the efficiency of the exercise.

8/ Always try to do little more each time you train, this will help you reach your full potential. Progression at any level of experience or skill is always something to aim for.

9/ After a heavy session on the weights always allow yourself to rest and recover fully, if you try and work those muscles again before they have had time to repair, the work you did will just be undone.

10/ Drink plenty of water throughout the day, this will help muscle firing and reduces blood viscosity (thickness) allowing it to move more freely to the muscles and organs that need it when training

Apply these simple tips to your training regime and you will see great improvements over a short space of time

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