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Weight loss: The right way

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Almost everywhere you look, there is some new wonder method to lose weight fast and feel amazing. Juice plus, Aloe Vera cleanse, and countless other ways. It’s difficult to know the best way with so many conflicting views and methods. The method I prefer to use as Personal Trainer and nutritionist is simple: move more, eat less. This in itself will suffice but is quite vague so I’ll attempt to outline some specifics.

1: Start the day right, this means firstly having a good nights sleep. On waking, drink around 300 ml of water, this will facilitate metabolism. Do some light stretching, or mobilisation, better still a few squats, lunges, crunches or push ups. You can do all of these if you have the time and drive. This will boost your metabolism further and start to burn fat. You will now be ready for your first meal, and most important of the day.

2: Stay hydrated, dehydration does a great impression of hunger, so drink plenty of water through out the day. Not only will this keep you hydrated, it will improve your basic body functions, improve concentration and keep your metabolism ticking over.

3: Anytime you have a break in your day, stretch and do a few more squats, and/ or lunges. Your work colleagues will think you’re having a funny turn, but let them. Leg exercises are great for burning fat and calories as they use the largest, and most demanding muscles in the body. So walk more, use stairs, and have a squat when you can.

4: If you’re at home, there’s plenty you can do: Housework, gardening, wash the car, go for a walk. You can also do another round of what you did in the morning: Squats, lunges, press ups and crunches. This is a great way to keep your metabolism going and burn those calories.

5: Eat sensibly. Try and eliminate heavily processed foods, try instead to use fresh fruit, and vegetables where possible. Frozen veg is ok too. Limit your sugar and saturated fat intake. Excess sugar in your body will turn to fat, excess fat is already fat! If eating large portions of carbs, for instance, potatoes, pasta, crisps, pastries, and white bread, these are also classed as sugars, so you need to reduce them. You can substitute them for their healthier counterparts, brown bread or wholemeal, brown pasta, brown rice, sweet potatoes, but steer clear of the pastries, they are high in fat, and not the good sort! Eat plenty of protein, such as oily fish, chicken breast, turkey breast, pork loin, eggs, and lean beef. If you’re vegetarian or vegan there are many great plant based protein products available.

6: To lose one pound of fat you need to create a deficit of 3500 kcals per week or 500 kcals per day ( a kcal is a calorie ). This can be achieved by a combination of reducing your calorie intake from food, say 250 kcals, and exercise, burning the other 250 kcals through movement. I would say this is the perfect mix, for optimal weight loss and fat reduction. You will also tone up your musculature nicely this way.

This guide is aimed at those that are currently inactive or new to the concept of losing weight. For those that have already begun the journey towards lighter living, and training already, additional methods would apply. Feel free to contact me to discuss them.


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