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The 3 Ps of success

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So many people have the best of intentions when it comes to “getting fit” or losing weight but somehow lose interest or just give up. It’s all too common but doesn’t have to be. Using 3 simple rules your weight loss or rejuvenation quest can be fulfilled.


All too often someone new to health and fitness will have no clue of what and when to eat, the frequency, intensity and duration of exercise and many other factors. There are many apps available now that will give you help in this department. They can provide you with structured training sessions, healthy eating plans and more, almost like a good personal trainer … Ahem! Some of the better apps will gradually progress your workouts so that you are constantly improving and getting closer to reaching your goal.


It’s so easy to just give up, and slip back into the old routine, but you know what lies down that path. To see long term change you have to persist and not give up at the first hurdle. You will encounter some discomfort to begin with, you may feel some muscle soreness, breathlessness, and you will most likely sweat. Once you have got past that you will actually feel pretty good. Changing the way you eat will also make you feel better and significantly improve your weight loss.

You can’t compete with what you eat!

One meal could be as much as 1000kcals and it would take a good hour of medium to high intensity training to burn that off, that is why so much fuss is made about food. I should stress that you may fall off the wagon and slip back into eating junk. As long as you don’t binge and don’t do it often you can allow yourself the occasional slip, as long as you get straight back to training afterwards. Don’t ever think you have failed by not sticking to the plan rigidly. We all have off days so just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get straight back to it.


You will feel different almost immediately after doing some training. Changing your diet will also change how you feel quite quickly. Seeing a change may take longer, and with our society being one that gets everything instantly it’s very easy to expect instant results. Unfortunately losing weight, getting fit and reaching your goals can take some time. It can be tempting to abandon all hope if you’re not seeing results straight away but just rest assured the path you’re on is the right one and you will reach your goals if you give yourself time and apply these three principles.


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