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The Key to lasting happiness

The key to lasting happiness is found within, seek it from someone or something and you will never fully possess it.

Let people think what they want, it is of no concern to you, you do not live in their mind nor should you want to, you have your own and can shape it to become a place of peace and joy. Focus on the present as often as you can, going back in time can lead to regret, going ahead of time can lead to anxiety, now is all that matters right now.

Find a quiet place, sit with your back straight and focus on your breathing, let the breath get deeper, with each breath feel your entire body relaxing, try and maintain a straight back with out tensing if possible, you can lay if you wish, do this for as long as you need to, you will feel invigorated and calm, you may fall asleep, don’t worry if you do, your dream will be a good one

This is a basic form of meditation, a way of escaping stress, anxiety, depression and annoyance. It may take some practice but it is ultimately rewarding and very worthwhile.

Be kind to yourself, love is not just restricted to a partner, it starts with you and radiates from you, to all things. This is true happiness.

Over the last 20 or so years I have been on a journey of self discovery and development. In that time I have been practicing yoga and more recently Chi Kung and Tai Chi. These are all focused on prolonging life and promoting a healthy body, mind and spirit. In these practices you are encouraged to focus inwards, on your breathing, your posture with positive visualisations. It works and the boundaries are limitless. I highly recommend trying them for stress relief, anxiety, depression and high blood pressure.


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