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Choosing the right type of exercise for you

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Running is supposed to be really good for toning the legs and burning calories isn’t it? Yes, it is, but if you weigh 25 stone it may not be the best form of exercise for you.

I have seen so many people out running which in and of itself is brilliant.

The problem is there are so many that attempt to get fit or lose weight by running with no real concept of how to prepare for it or how to do it properly.

What to do

If you are overweight and want to try running, first try walking. Walking will burn calories over time. This means you will have to do it for some time to make a real impact. That being said, you can probably walk for 30 mins a day and lose weight quite quickly (providing you don’t eat more than usual). I should mention at this point; for the best results you should also adjust your eating habits to further increase the efficacy of exercise.

You can make further progress by either walking for longer or walking slightly faster. This will prepare you for jogging by losing weight and thereby exerting less stress on your joints. Reducing the risk of injury drastically.

If you are on the other end of the spectrum, where you want to actually increase your size/muscle mass, you require a different form of exercise. This will be usually be weight lifting exercises. You will also need to adjust your diet for this to be most effective.

If you want to just tone up but fall into neither of these categories, you will most likely get the best results from doing some cardio and some weights as well. The cardio will help reduce fat and the weights will help tone the muscles and also reduce fat.

There is no one size fits all solution. That’s why good Personal Trainers are in such high demand.


Specificity is key in guaranteeing success with your training: the right type of training will yield great results.

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