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It’s never too late …

So I just got back from training one of my longest standing clients. He has just turned 70 and has been training with me for almost 5 years. In that time he has lost weight, reduced his size (width, not height) , increased muscle mass, reduced body fat, improved his fitness level, improved posture, strength, mobility, co-ordination, balance and reduced his stress levels hugely. In his words “You have changed my life”. That is why I chose to become a personal trainer.

If I can improve just one aspect of someones life, I am happy. Often there are many aspects of life that improve when you become fitter and change your lifestyle, and the best part is … you can start at any time! You don’t have to be mega fit to use the services of a Personal Trainer. If the trainer is any good, they can help almost anyone at any level improve their situation.

The message I am trying to convey in this post is: it’s never too late to get started on becoming fitter and living healthier. I have trained many people well into their 50s and 60s, as well as very overweight individuals, and each one has achieved great results. By using a steadily progressive approach they have not only achieved good results, they have enjoyed the journey, almost as much as I have!

So if you or someone you know think you are too old, too big, too set in your ways, remember:


A photo of a client after a 9 mile run


This is my client Ray after a 9 mile run. Hard to believe but entirely true. It took us 3 years to build up to this point but I’m sure Ray will tell you it was worth it. From being very nervous of using a treadmill to running for almost 2 hours is a huge achievement.

Photo was taken 14th July 2015.

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