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The many benefits of living a healthy lifestyle

Most of the time people start training to lose weight and get fitter. These are two benefits of living a healthier lifestyle. Beyond that many other benefits become apparent when you sustain this lifestyle.

Through regular exercise and healthy eating your body will undergo many changes.

  • Your heart will become much stronger, this will greatly reduce the risk of heart disease, reduce high blood pressure, and cope with stress much easier
  • Your lungs will work more efficiently, this will improve your ability to deliver healthy blood to your muscles and organs.
  • Your arteries and veins will become more elastic and allow better flow of blood around your body, greatly reducing the risk of strokes, and arthritis.
  • Your mobility will improve allowing you to move properly and eliminate areas of pain such as lower back, neck and shoulders, also cramps and nerve issues in your legs such as sciatica can be kept in check through proper stretching techniques
  • You will become stronger and energized as you develop muscle and improve your bodies circulation system (cardiovascular)
  • You will feel more confident, content and less stressed as natural chemicals in the brain are activated when exercising, making you feel good, and killing pain. Endorphins, dopamines and seratonin combine to give a wave of euphoria while exercising often known as a natural high.
  • Your skin improves, your bones and teeth become stronger, your nails get stronger and hair is strong and healthy, your eyes become brighter and sight is improved.
  • Your metabolism is accelerated meaning it becomes easier to keep weight off, providing you eat the right way!

Last but not least, you will of course lose body fat and tone up. This will not happen overnight and if anyone tells you they have lost a stone in a week, they will put it back on just as quickly, believe me! This is often through water loss and not fat. It takes time to burn fat, you can expect to lose around 1 – 3 lbs of fat per week realistically, and this is a more sustainable approach, please check my other blog posts for guides on how to do this the best way possible

Be patient, be consistent and if you have a wobble … it’s fine, just pick up where you left off, DON’T GIVE UP!

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