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Using supplements the right way

Using supplements the right way can produce amazing results and assist your training in a wide range of ways. Having worked in a sports nutrition shop for a while I discovered a whole world of diverse and interesting man made supplements. They would assist sporting performance, recovery and development.

The effects of using supplements the wrong way

Supplements used in the wrong way can cause some very harmful results both short and long term. The reason I’m addressing this subject now is because this morning, I heard over the radio, America has developed a new slimming pill.

I haven’t read all the data on this new pill but pills/tablets, lotions and potions of any kind, immediately make me suspicious. I haven’t taken any form of tablet for at least 10 years and have maintained a healthy muscle and fat profile throughout that time. I personally don’t rely on any type of supplement, but prefer to fuel myself with fresh fruit and vegetables and healthy lean meats and seafood. Together with proper training and down time, this has served me very well over the years. It’s not really rocket science, a lot of it is plain common sense: eat too much junk and don’t move enough, you will get fat and ill. Harsh but true!

My recommendation for slimmers and potential slimmers

The goal of this article is to encourage the average slimmer or potential slimmer to do your research. Google what you need to know for instance: is this product safe? Has it been proven to reduce fat long term?Are there any side effects? What are other peoples experiences with it?

I personally always recommend the natural approach to slimming. Take your time, change your eating habits, move more: walk, swim, cycle for a while each day. Do a little more each day if you can. Keep this up and you will see a massive difference in a short space of time. If your food portions are big, reduce them by half or more. Reduce the amount of processed, fatty, and sugary foods such as pizzas, pastries, cakes, white bread, pasta, potatoes. Spend some time searching on the internet and you will find thousands of tasty, healthy recipes that will actually help you lose weight. I am always trying new recipes I find on the internet. To find out your recommended daily calorie intake you can use the handy calorie calculator on the right or at the bottom of the page. To get a more detailed explanation of Calories and how they work click here. To contact me directly click here


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